History and Policies

9915 HWY 112 BACONTON GA 31716


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Our goal as an organization is to promote safe and responsible firearms use for recreation, competition and training in a safe and friendly environment. No lawful firearms activity will be prohibited as long as it is practiced in a safe manner consistent with the goals of the SWGSA. 

Safety is our number one priority. If you are not sure about the proper procedure for any activity, please ask. If no one is available to ask, double check the posted rules and policies. If still unsure, refrain from the activity until you are certain that you are acting in accordance of SWGSA policy. A little inconvenience is a small price to pay for safety. 

Read, understand and follow all provided rules, procedures and policies. The Board of Directors appoints Range Officers for the Association, who have responsibility for running ranges during events. Association Officers have full authority in all safety related matters up to and including temporary suspension of membership pending review and action by the Board of Directors. 

The SWGSA was formed in 2007 with the acquisition of the range property and cooperation with the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club and other interested parties. The ARPC had been in operation since 1976 and has been providing a venue for competition with rifles and pistols continuously for over 30 years at various locations. 

The SWGSA is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and carries insurance through their provider. 

The Board of Directors is comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and two other members. In addition, a seventh Board member will be nominated by the general membership and will sit on the board for a two year term. All Association business is conducted by the Board of Directors. Committees run various programs. Standing Committees are: Practical Defensive Shooting; Public Relations & Communication; Bullseye Pistol; High Power Rifle; Paintball/Airsoft; Cowboy Action; Muzzle Loading; Shotgun Sports; Membership. Other Committees will be formed as needed. All will be headed by a Chairperson who will report to the Board of Directors. 

Much of the business of the Board of Directors is conducted via e-mail, with the Board meeting annually and as needed during the year. 


Membership is open to all persons who can lawfully possess and use firearms. The SWGSA reserves the right to cap the membership at a future date. 

Membership cards will be issued when a personís membership is accepted. The membership card MUST be maintained and produced on the request of range staff or any member. The membership card will carry the photograph of the member. Anyone on the property must have on their person a valid membership card or be in the company of a sponsor member or they will be subject to criminal charges under the criminal code of GA, including criminal trespass and theft of services. No member may loan or provide any membership card, key or other association property to any person. 

Individual full membership is $175 per year. It entitles the member to unlimited access to ranges and the clubhouse during hours of operation; To participation in Association sponsored events at no cost and reduced rates for hosted special events; To discounts in the range store. 

Family membership is $225 per year and covers immediate family living in the same household, particularly Husband, Wife and minor children. Adult children and extended family are not included. 

Lifetime membership is $2000. Life members shall not be subject to future rate increases. 

Corporate membership is available for $600 per year. Training for government agencies and multiple persons may be provided under a corporate membership if the entity provides an authorized training officer. Individual use through a corporate membership shall be by use of the corporate membership cards. 

Guests: A member may bring a single guest to the range once. Thereafter, that person must join the SWGSA to participate in activities. No person may be a guest unless accompanied by their sponsor. No person may be sponsored as a guest more than one time. 

Limited membership: A person may become a member for the purpose of participating for a single day for a fee of $25 if that person has a sponsor. This fee will be applicable to full membership for 30 days. Limited membership forms are available at the clubhouse. If no Officer is available at the clubhouse the sponsor member must have the limited member completely fill out and sign the forms and staple payment to them and place them into the drop box provided. This must be done prior to the limited member participating in any activity. No membership card will be issued, the limited member will be in the company of the sponsor. Failure to follow this procedure will be considered theft and trespass. Public participation in events is permitted under the guest and limited membership policies. 


The facilities are open from 8 AM until 10 PM, 7 days a week. 

Every time you enter or leave the range property, you must sign in and out at the clubhouse. Take note of the message board for updates or notices. If it has been a while since your last visit, read the range rules and safety procedures as they may be updated from time to time. Members found on the property without being signed in will be subject to disciplinary action. 

It shall be the responsibility of every member to ensure that persons on the property are authorized to be there. Any person on the property without authorization is a safety hazard and committing theft from every member. 

In the future there will be a shooterís supply store on site at which you can buy targets, ammunition, and accessories . During Association sponsored events, such as pistol or rifle matches, targets and equipment are supplied. The Association may at some point have equipment such as electronic timers, spotting scopes and so forth available for use by members. Until that time, you will need to provide your equipment when you are using the range. The Association will provide target frames and backings, steel targets (which must be used appropriately) shooting benches, sandbags, barricades, etc. You need to bring with you: 
Staplers and staples 
Target pasters or masking tape 
Paint for steel targets, if used 
Eye and hearing protection (Mandatory) 

Ranges are operated as COLD RANGE . All firearms should be unloaded and cased, holstered or racked when not on the firing line. Magazines should be removed from weapons when not being fired. 

We strongly recommend that you have a cellular telephone on your person if you are alone on the property. 

Until the clubhouse is up and running, you will need to bring water. When the clubhouse is open, there will be restrooms and water. Soon, hot food, ice and cold drinks will be available to members during hours of operation. A clearing barrel will be provided to clear weapons prior to entering the clubhouse. No loaded firearms are allowed inside the clubhouse with the exception of on duty Peace Officers and the RSO (Range Security Officer) 

It is the goal of the Association to provide sufficient ranges that waiting is kept to a minimum. Until construction of all ranges is complete, members will, at times, have to share ranges. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a cooperative, friendly manner. Unsportsmanlike or rude behavior will not be tolerated. Organized events take precedence over individual activities. No event shall be scheduled which uses 100% of the range facilities when sufficient ranges are operational. 
Members are expected to treat the property, facilities and equipment with respect and care. Members are responsible for damage caused due to misuse or negligent use. 
It is understood that accidents happen, and equipment fails with normal use. Always report any damage to range staff or Association Officers in person or by written notice in the clubhouse. Written notice should be followed up by contact by telephone or email. 

If a member removes Association property from the premises by accident, it is expected that it be returned immediately and without delay. 

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property. No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be allowed. 

Each member is responsible for cleaning up behind themselves and guests. Remove used targets, trash, fired shotgun shells and so forth. Do not shoot at glass. Use the trash cans provided. If cans need emptying, feel free to help out, or leave a message in the clubhouse. If any trash, vandalism or damage is found upon arrival, report it immediately to a Range Officer or leave a message in the club house, followed up by a phone call or email to an Association Officer. 

Check the sign in sheet and lock up the clubhouse and main gate when you leave if you are last out. 

Pets may be brought to the range. They must be well behaved or leashed. The member is responsible for pets and for clean up behind pets. 

Currently there are no lights on the ranges. There will be no firing after dark unless conducted by an authorized Range Officer or Training Officer. 

No hunting is allowed on the property. Take care not to injure pets of residents or domesticated animals. Do not shoot any animal except by direction of the Board of Directors. 

The residences located on the property are private property. Do not disturb the residents unless there is a real emergency. 

Recreational use of ATVs is not allowed on ranges. ATV use for target repair and scoring is allowed. Use care not to damage the roads. Vehicular traffic shall be limited to improved roads. Close all gates behind you. They are safety controls limiting access to impact areas. SWGSA is not responsible for damage to any vehicle. 

Post targets only on the target frames provided. Do not post targets on or shoot at barricades or range fixtures. All rounds MUST be fired so that they impact a backstop. 

Do not remove any trees without prior approval. 

Do not use any tracer, incendiary or armor piercing ammunition. Do not make any fires without the permission of a Range Officer. If a fire is started, call 911 immediately. 

No unlawful activities will be tolerated. Members owning restricted firearms must be prepared to provide documentation if requested. 

Each member must be knowledgeable in all the range rules, but especially the four primary rules: Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction; Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire; Be sure of your target and backstop; All guns are always handled as if loaded. 

It shall be the duty of every member to act as a safety officer. If there is no Association Range Officer present, every member must dedicate themselves to being alert and enforcing safety rules and procedures. Any member present during such time as activities which violate established safety procedures or common sense safety rules are occurring, who does not take steps to stop such activities, will be held responsible. Such activities and the members conducting them should be reported to Association Officers immediately. 

Failure to follow these procedures will be grounds for disciplinary action. 

Disciplinary action is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Minor or initial infractions may be handled informally by members or Range Officers. A complaint forwarded by a Range Officer or member will be considered by the entire Board. Action taken by the Board may include: Counseling the offender; Assessment of monetary payment for damages; Revocation of membership without refund; Civil action; Criminal prosecution. Members may present their case to the Board prior to disposition. 

Contact information for Board members and a schedule of events will be posted in the clubhouse. 

Shooting is a hazardous activity which can result in injury or death. All reasonable precautions are taken by the SWGSA. The SWGSA , itís officers and members assume no liability for any injury sustained in the course of any activity entered into by members or guests. Enter the property and participate in any activity at your own risk.