Range Safety Procedures

Pistol Range Safety Procedures

·       This is a COLD RANGE. Do not load any firearm until you are on the line and prepared to fire; 
        Unload immediately upon completion of firing.


·       Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

·       Control your MUZZLE. Do not allow any weapon to point in any direction other than downrange.

·       All rounds must be fired so that they impact the backstop.

·       Care must be used when placing steel targets that any rounds glancing will strike the backstop.

·       DO NOT shoot any steel with any: rifle; shotgun slug or steel shot; 
        any cartridge at over 1200 fps velocity.

·       Do not shoot steel closer than 7 yards or at an angle.

·       Eye protection must be WORN at ALL TIMES on the pistol range. This includes spectators. 

·       Shooting steel can be hazardous.

·       When sharing the range, cooperate so that a firing line is established; target frames may 
        be moved. 

·       Do not go down range when other shooters are present until the range is declared clear and 
        all weapons are holstered. 

·       If no holster is used, shooters must unload at the line and bench or case firearms not in use, 
        with magazines removed and slides or cylinders open. Tables may be moved for this purpose.

·       No ‘cross range’ firing; shoot at targets in front of you.

·       Do not shoot range fixtures.

·       Violation of range rules and safety procedures is grounds for revocation of membership.

Rifle Range Safety Procedures


Red range flag MUST be raised before firing. Sound whistle or bell and listen before raising flag. If flag is 
locked in the down position, an unsafe condition exists. Do this even if you are alone on the range.
Before going down range, every person going must lock the flag in the down position, taking their key and 
whistle with them. Upon returning, unlock the flag and leave the key in the lock. Only when all locks are 
open may the flag be raised and firing commenced.
If a whistle or bell is heard while you are down range, immediately blow three loud long blasts from your 
safety whistle.
Rifles MUST remain empty in a gun rack while the flag is down. 
Range is operated as a COLD RANGE. Rifles must be carried muzzle up or down from rack to firing position, 
loaded only at the firing position, unloaded before leaving the firing position.
All rounds must be fired only is such a manner as to impact a backstop. All firing must be in a controlled 
manner. Rapid or automatic firing MUST be done near an adequate backstop.
All targets must be posted on backings provided, or placed by range personnel. Do not put targets on the 
ground due to the danger of ricochet.
No tracer, armor piercing or incendiary ammunition may be used.
Do not shoot at steel closer than 100 yards.
Eye protection must be worn.
No cross range firing. Shoot only at targets directly in front of your position.
Do not allow muzzles to cross range safety markers. 
Flagrant or consistent violation of rules is grounds for membership revocation.